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3D Rendering Services-Architectural Visualization -In the field of architecture, visualization refers to the practice of representing a new structure in a way that can be easily digested. Thought of as the language between the client and the designer, visualization generally takes place before the building process begins. While 3D visualization is the most recent development in architectural visualization and refers to creating three-dimensional models of a structure using computer software. Clients can walk around a 3D model and view it from any angle. Elements such as carpets, furniture, paintings and lights can also be added and their effects can be observed.

3D Architectural Visualization, CAD Design Services

The 3D models of today are detailed and highly accurate. They contain real-life elements like sunlight effects and shadows, making them look almost like photographs.
We, at Dextrous, provides splendid 3D Rendering Services in architectural visualization providing high quality visualization renderings for both interior and exterior in realistic and studio style environment. Along with renderings, walkthrough animation can also be provided for complete building visualization.

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