Mechanical Design

Where your mechanical concept converts to 3D Design

3D CAD modeling can be defined as a process of developing accurate specifications and elaborate drawings to aid the design, construction and manufacturing of mechanical products and their components. 3D CAD modeling enables mechanical design engineers to create three-dimensional images that are nearly as realistic as the actual physical objects they represent. This comparatively new technique is extensively used in various industries, including shipbuilding, car manufacturing, construction designs and manufacturing of virtually any complex mechanical product.

Your Machine Idea to 3D, renderings, drawings, animation, simulation and more...

  • We, at Dextrous, helps to convert your mechanical drawing or concept to 3D with parametric modeling and then
  • mechanical renderings can be generated for visualization, 
  • detailed technical projection drawings can be generated for manufacturing purposes and 
  • machine animation can also be made that will show functioning and features of machine and with exploded view to show inner components.

Please feel free to contact us for 3d mechanical designing.


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