Jewellery Design (Organic Modeling)

Where your jewelley conecept converts to awesome 3D

Organic modelling is usually creating 3D models of living creatures such as people or animals,jewellery.
While it is possible to make entire organic objects in polygon modelling software, they are often brought into sculpting software for finer details.It’s much easier to make wrinkles and skin folds in Blender than on a polygonal level.From there it is exported as a texture that gives your model all the extra details.Organic modelling takes a lot of practice and requires a lot of reference images to learn the anatomy of what you’re making to make it as realistic as possible.We,at Dextrous,converts your 2D jewellery,organic concept to 3D and thus rendering can be generated with STL model that can be 3d printed. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this service.

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